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Every party, club, or bar has a stand-out – a guy who breezes into a room and instantly attracts everyone’s attention. It’s not always about looks or money, so what’s the secret? It’s all about flirting! A good flirt knows how to make anyone around them feel good, and that’s a very powerful skill. Luckily, it is a skill that can be learned. Whether you want to attract a life partner, a bootycall, or just have a little fun, this cd is your blue print on understanding women. Have you ever wished you could peer into someones mind to find out what she is really thinking or how you should respond to her actions? Now you can . It does not suggest that a woman's hairstyle will give you unprecedented access into her soul, neither does it draw wildly ambiguous generalities about women based on our intuition or gut instinct, nor does it reach conclusions based on how she folds her hands or he ties his shoelaces.

2 HOURS MP3'S 55.00

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